Switch up her Makeup! | Part 2 

The two sisters swept through the marble hall, closely followed by Kate Cameron, and into the Versailles-style parlor. Floofy guided Kate Cameron to a gilded mint green armchair, then seated herself on a powder-blue settee with her sister, who was amusing herself by fiddling with the sugar bowl. Both seats faced a spindly-legged coffee table topped with a splendid porcelain tea set painted with roses.

“Floofy, you’re so old-fashioned,” Kate Cameron said a moment later as she sipped her ginger-rose-lavender tea, wrinkling her nose at the gilt-paneled walls and Rococo furniture. “Let’s just say we don’t hesitate to incorporate the most luxurious antique traditions into our daily lives,” Penelope said, yawning extravagantly. “Also, don’t you adore our tea set? We custom-ordered it. You know the rose is our logo, so we thought a rose tea set would be quite perfect,” added Fillafella, tapping the thin china festooned with painted roses. Kate Cameron sneered and abruptly slapped her teacup down on the table with a clatter.

“Enough chitchat!” she snarled aggressively, then added in a sickeningly sweet tone, like eleven packets of artificial sweetener in one tiny cup of tea, “I want to ask you for a tiny little favor, Floofy… as between friends. Would you give me a makeover with your wonderful–” she choked out the word through clenched teeth “–cosmetics?”

Floofy stared hard at the falsely-sweet Kate Cameron. Try on my makeup? she wondered. I smell a rat- or rather, I smell Martin’s Cosmetics. Why would she, an executive of a rival company, be so insistent on having an F & F makeover? 

Floofy stood up and said in a strong, firm (and rather loud) voice, “So sorry to burst your bubble, Kate Cameron, but we almost never do such a thing. We do, however, offer personal makeovers at our salon–” Kate Cameron popped up from her chair and cut Floofy off viciously. “I don’t want your pathetic little salon makeovers. What I want is a makeover by you! And I will have it! How else am I going to find out your overrated makeup formulas?” she spat furiously.

As she continued her deranged tirade, the two sisters felt as if they had been struck by lightning. So that’s her plan, Penelope wondered. She wants me to give her a makeover just so she can find out the ingredients of our cosmetics and report back to Oscar Martin! She turned to flash Fillafella a shocked and disgusted look and saw that Fillafella had beat her to it.

At that moment, the sickening sound of shattering china met the sisters’ ears. Fillafella jumped up from the settee and Floofy whipped around just in time to see Kate Cameron, still ranting, hurl the carefully-painted, rose-bedecked, red-and-white teapot to the floor, where it instantly shattered on the polished marble, producing a thousand shining fragments that sped to every corner of the spacious room.

Floofy and Fillafella were rooted to the floor with horror. Then they looked in unison at the rest of the tea set on the silver tray. There was no more. Kate Cameron had smashed it all: one creamer, one sugar bowl, one, two, three teacups, and one beautiful teapot.

And that was when Fillafella, sweetly smiling, stepped forward, and said gently:

“Kate Cameron, we’d be overjoyed to give you a makeover. In fact, we’ll be exuberantly glad to create you a never-before-seen collection of cosmetics, and it shall be ready by next week at the latest. Goodbye,” and, with an elaborate bow, she swept out of the room.


Why would Fillafella offer personalized cosmetics to someone who deliberately smashed her tea service, and how will Floofy invent a whole new line of products in one week? Perhaps there’s some sort of trick in all this- and knowing Fillafella, it’s pretty likely. Find out in the next installment of Switch up her Makeup! 

A Private Plane for Fillafella! | Part Three

Happy New Year! After a way-too long wait (we apologize), the third and final part of Floofy and Fillafella is finally here! Enjoy!

The two sisters sat, shocked, in the white leather chairs. Then Floofy leaned forward with red cheeks and a fierce glare, while Fillafella sat back with her arms crossed, one eyebrow raised, and a sly gleam in her eye. 

“If I understand you correctly, Mr. Wellsworthford, you have just declared that you will not sell us our plane?” asked Floofy indignantly. “No, I won’t! Lady, what you want is extremely difficult to realize. In fact, it’s absolutely conceptually impossible. And I refuse to even consider undertaking it,” Wellsworthford said smugly. “Oh, really?” Fillafella said, amused. Keeping her eyes on the stubborn salesman, she turned her head to whisper in Floofy’s ear. 

Floofy frowned, then nodded, and finally smiled– devilishly. Continue reading

Dear Fillafella to Knot Good Hair

Dear Knot Good Hair,
I am so happy that I got the first question! Floofy will be so vexed…
But in answer to your question, I would recommend my Hair Horrors serum, hands down. I created it just for hair disasters exactly like this. Slather a generous amount on the tangled section and wait for it to turn from green to blue. Then rinse it out, and your hair will be as soft, silky, and styleable as Persian cat fur! Enjoy!

Polly Fillafella xox