Ruby Alexander’s Secret

In a stunningly scarlet room, a certain Ruby Alexander was pacing agitatedly back and forth, arguing into her phone. It was noon, but Ruby had only recently woken up– the party she’d gone to last night had taken its toll. She was stalking knee-deep through crimson feathers, kicking soft red drifts into the air to punctuate a particularly important point. One of her most evident idiosyncrasies was her affinity for anything red– to the point that her whole penthouse apartment and almost everything in it was a glorious scarlet; another unusual preference of hers was having a bedroom with a decadent drift of ruby-red feathers instead of carpet.

“I don’t care what I said; I’m not doing this deal,” Ruby said smarmily, holding the phone right to her mouth– the better for Oscar Martin to hear her with.

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Floofy and Fillafella’s Splendid Soirée!

It was midnight, and Floofy and Fillafella’s splendid soirée was in full swing. Hundreds of gorgeously dressed guests were dancing feverishly in the ballroom, while the less energetic were sipping glasses of sparkling champagne, stuffing themselves with delicacies, and chatting to their hearts’ content. And in the gardens, high-heeled guests were tripping down the innumerable paths that snaked through the moonlit foliage.

The gardens were enchanting– and by moonlight, they were enchanted. Paths half engulfed with flowers wound their way around countless trees, palms, and flowering shrubs. Hidden gems such as immense marble pillars veiled by climbing roses, tiny pools surrounded by sky-blue forget-me-nots, and crystal-clear fountains tucked into secret alcoves awaited just around the bend. And velvety red roses– the sisters’ symbol– perfumed every inch of the balmy air.

But there was one place where the smell of roses was even stronger: the rose maze. Hidden behind a thick veil of foliage, it was a labyrinth built completely of twelve-foot hedges of deep red roses. This maze had long ceased to pose a challenge to the two sisters, and it now served as their favorite place to simply wander around the towering hedges and smell the roses. But tonight, another use was being found for the maze. A much more… dubious one.

“Are you sure no one is listening?” Kate Cameron whispered harshly, right before she stumbled over a dwarf rosebush.

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Switch Up her Makeup! Part 5

In a sudden swoosh of red velvet, Floofy whipped the cloth off the golden box. Next, she reached for a tiny diamond stud on the front. Immediately, trays and boxes and compartments and cubbies chock-full of cosmetics shot out of the box, and Kate Cameron’s emerald eyes gleamed with anticipation.

“I’ll take it from here,” Polly Fillafella told Penelope Floofy confidently.

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