A Private Plane for Fillafella! | Part Three

Happy New Year! After a way-too long wait (we apologize), the third and final part of Floofy and Fillafella is finally here! Enjoy!

The two sisters sat, shocked, in the white leather chairs. Then Floofy leaned forward with red cheeks and a fierce glare, while Fillafella sat back with her arms crossed, one eyebrow raised, and a sly gleam in her eye. 

“If I understand you correctly, Mr. Wellsworthford, you have just declared that you will not sell us our plane?” asked Floofy indignantly. “No, I won’t! Lady, what you want is extremely difficult to realize. In fact, it’s absolutely conceptually impossible. And I refuse to even consider undertaking it,” Wellsworthford said smugly. “Oh, really?” Fillafella said, amused. Keeping her eyes on the stubborn salesman, she turned her head to whisper in Floofy’s ear. 

Floofy frowned, then nodded, and finally smiled– devilishly. Continue reading

Dear Fillafella to Knot Good Hair

Dear Knot Good Hair,
I am so happy that I got the first question! Floofy will be so vexed…
But in answer to your question, I would recommend my Hair Horrors serum, hands down. I created it just for hair disasters exactly like this. Slather a generous amount on the tangled section and wait for it to turn from green to blue. Then rinse it out, and your hair will be as soft, silky, and styleable as Persian cat fur! Enjoy!

Polly Fillafella xox

Party Chat!

Floofy and Fillafella arrived home by helicopter at two o’clock, having eaten lunch at a restaurant near their studio.
“Let’s go for a swim. We can try out our new bathing suits that we just got,”suggested Fillafella. “Oh, no, no, no, no! We must get ready for our party!” said Floofy, tossing her head. “The maids have done almost everything already!” Fillafella cajoled persuasively. “But there’s still so much to be done! My hair, my makeup, my outfit!” “Floofy, it’s only three o’clock. The party starts at ten. It doesn’t take you seven hours  to get ready!”she laughed.

Floofy just stared at her.

“Oh, all right, maybe it does take you seven hours to get ready, but don’t you have a little time for a swim?” “All right. But we must discuss everything while we’re there!” agreed Floofy.

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